Lecturing at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences-Ghana 2017. ODA project Imperial College London



  • Single variable Calculus

  • Multivariable Calculus

  • Complex Analysis

  • Integration theory


  • Spectral Theory

  • Functional Analysis

Other courses

  • 2017 A course on differential equations. (Intensive master course), at AIMS, Birwa, Ghana.

  • 2016 Analytic Methods of Partial Differential Equations, at Imperial College London : TCC master course broadcast to the universities of Oxford, Sussex, Bristol, Warwick, Bath .


PhD 2015-2019 : Andres Muñoz. On the differentiability of Lipschitz functions on Banach spaces

Co-supervisor of several PhD students. Imperial College London.

Examiner for PhD first year and second year projects.

Master : Carlos A. Rodriguez. Thesis's title : Lp bounds for pseudodifferential operators on Zn, 2011.

Undergraduate :

Sebastian Vargas. On the Approximation property. 2021.

Duvan Cardona. Thesis's title : Invertibility of non-elliptic operators, 2013.

Oscar E. Escobar. El problema de Dirichlet. 2009.

Alex Zamudio. Invertibilidad para una clase de operadores elipticos degenerados en el marco del calculo de Weyl-Hörmander . 2008

Wilmar Bolaños. El problema de la traza en Lp. 2007.